Sonia Zahirodinny

Sonia Zahirodinny

BIM Strategy Manager , High Speed Two


As the BIM Strategy Manager at High Speed 2, Sonia is responsible for the strategic and consistent implementation of BIM across the programme with a view to increasing efficiency through design, construction, testing, operations and maintenance.

Sonia holds a PhD in Computer Sciences and BIM and a Masters degree in Business Information Systems Management, she is also members of the CIOB and INCOSE.

Prior to HS2, Sonia helped London Rail & Underground to achieve BIM capability by developing and utilising standardised processes for the production, management and delivery of asset information.

She is passionate about information management efficiency and determined to improve information management processes through standardisation, collaboration and better use of technology in the Rail and Construction Industry.


17/10/2018  – dalle 15:00 alle 17:00

 “Client Organisations and Data Management”


In 2011 (and further updated in 2016) the UK’s Government Construction Strategy, identified Building Information Modelling (BIM) as one of the key enablers to address waste, in the UKs Construction Industry.  New processes required design and handover of information to be consistently produced, managed and exchanged, to an agreed set of collaborative and integrated processes that encourage the re-use of project data. This is a step towards a more digital and data-centric process which requires a set of connected, integrated and fully governed information systems.

HS2 is committed to the use of BIM to deliver a high speed, integrated and operating railway. We are harnessing the power of BIM to enable our whole life approach to managing our digital assets and realising their value. This approach will enable us to create and maintain a digital representation of the railway, joining up all necessary data, creating a cohesive Information Model, which can be visualised and interrogated for different purposes using cutting edge technology. The Information Model will be created progressively throughout the lifecycle of the railway;  ‘Virtual Railway’ during Design and Construction with a view to handover a ‘Digital Twin’ of the built asset to Operations & Maintenance.

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