Milena Feustel

Milena Feustel

Ing. Architect, BMVI


Milena Feustel is an architect by profession, she has been working for the Federal Government on important construction projects for 10 years. Since 2016 she is a BIM-advisor in the Department “Digital Society” at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. Responsible for Strategy and Implementation of the BIM Road Map and Masterplan “Construction 4.0” of the Ministry.



Titolo intervento:

New Road Map for a wide Implementation of BIM

A briefly introduction to the German Roadmap for Digital Design and Construction and the current stage we are in, as well as the Masterplan Construction 4.0.

During the speech it will highlight the importance of public clients for a wide implementation of BIM and the challenges they are facing, together with some suggestions how to act.

It will also describe the role of the EU BIM Task Group and how the work of the Task Group is now entering a new phase, which will support the European construction sector to make expanded benefits by using BIM.


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Berlin,den 24.01.2017
2. Zukunftsforum zur Digitalisierung des Bauens

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