François Bellin

François Bellin

Coordinator Project Convergence BIM


François Bellin works on a portfolio of projects aimed at helping various BIM initiatives to succeed in Vinci, with a focus on the needs of construction sites.

In a former experience back in 2012 he had to build the first platform for BIM collaboration in his company, he also pioneered the use of video games technology in the valorization of digital mockups and built GIS platform which then began to support the convergence of digital building mockups and smart cities.

He has been working for 15 years as an information systems architect, project manager and innovation manager.



Titolo intervento:

La Convergence BIM in Vinci Construction


BIM in Vinci has been actively promoted by our internal engineering offices. Our current challenge is to get it out of the offices to bring it to the site and help improve our operations and better build our works : help find the right move, at the right time, optimize the use of building material and site equipment, integrate security at every step of the realization, or achieve a better coordination of the different teams.


We believe this will contribute to create more value for our customers and for the entire industry.



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