Paths and Focus Area of Digital&BIM

Information, workshop and networking

With the presentation of real cases, best practices and services for the digitization of the built environment in Arenas and in-depth workshops

5 in depth thematic focus:

  • Digital twins
  • Geospatial, Smart Infrastructure Smart Land
  • Construction 4.0 – Theater of digital transformation
  • BIM e Digitalization
  • Smart data and Artificial Intelligence

For each focus there will be – depending on the partners and exhibitors involved – arenas or demonstration areas where to experiment the most innovative themes.

Digital Twins and BIM for existing buildings and infrastructure

Technology has revolutionized the way we view the built environment and the world around us. Innovative technologies such as 3D modeling, mapping and rendering, virtual, augmented and mixed reality allow us to see and interact with projects, offering a greater vision and understanding of the spaces we are creating and recovering. The Digital Twins space will explore how these technologies and processes can support professionals, companies, service companies, restorers, with real case studies, best practices and live demonstrations that will help to understand the future of visualization for the built environment and BIM for existing buildings and infrastructure.

Geospatial, Smart Infrastructure and Smart Land

The Geospatial industry is advancing like never before. A precise understanding of the physical behavior of the built environment is essential, to understand, plan, predict, monitor in order to better design, build and maintain infrastructure works.

The space dedicated to “Geospatial and Smart Infrastructure” will explore how these technologies and these processes can support professionals to have more data and greater analytical capacity, to help solve some of the many challenges we find in the built environment. As opportunities for the future of all the networks towards a system of smart infrastructure and smart land.

Construction 4.0 – The theater of digital transformation

«Costructions 4.0» – in collaboration with the Associations of the Sector – will focus on the digital transformation of companies with dynamic and interactive workshops.

The main topics are:

Digital strategy, transformation / digitalization of business, collaboration, innovation, information management

Digital Construction Site

Product digitization

Production digitalization


The BIM spaces are usefull to help form a sector where BIM can be “Business as Usual“.

Through a “practical” comparison for BIM professionals and all those involved in the design, construction and management of constructed assets, with the presentation of best practices and “case studies”.

// BIM – Question Time:

Tables, taken by experts, which will focus on technical details, with dedicated sessions on the practical aspects of “working in BIM” and the possibility of asking more detailed questions.


Area, with arena, dedicated to the universities that have activated Master of specialization on BIM: which specializations and which results.

BIM and Digitalization

Particular focus on the subject of Digitization and Public Administration services. Coordinated by UniBS, it provides for the direct participation of the Provincial Authority OO: PP. Lombardia – Emilia Romagna

The space will be dedicated to show what has been developed so far, the problems and doubts with which the public administration clashes on the subject of digitization.

The contents of this FOCUS, and the experiences of some public administrations, will enrich the Forum «Digitalization and PA»  on

Smart data and Artificial Intelligence

AI and Smart Data allow the built environment sector to move from “Smart Building” concepts and solutions to systems and technologies to have “Cognitive Buildings”, and from Smart Cities to Urban Intelligence.

One of the first examples of research and development on these topics is carried out by eLux University of Brescia.

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