Digital&BIM to discover the future of constructions

DIGITAL&BIM Italia offers events to create a community of professionals for networking, offering knowledge and creating opportunities to improve the way the construction industry works. For a safer and more sustainable built environment.
The objective of Digital&BIM is to help the sector explore its potential and understand how best to adopt and implement these new technologies, tools and processes to improve profitability and efficiency and create a smarter construction industry. Even in highly specialised niches, such as intervention on existing buildings, restoration, management of works and infrastructure.

For the 2017 edition, 4.000 professionals have visited Digital&BIM ITALIA. Among those: top manager of public and private companies; public technicians; designers and professionals (engineers, architects, geologists, surveyors and technicians), officials and public and private decision-makers, companies and manufacturing companies, technicians and decision-makers of large real estate properties, private investors.

DIGITAL & BIM will give space to the more recent digital technologies in collaboration with institutions, associations and some of the largest companies in the sector, also through interactive demonstrations, seminars, workshops, networking events and in-depth workshops.

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