International Conference

The various modes of digital transformation in Construction

Scenarios, models, experiences and differentiated levels for digital adoption in Italy, Europe and the US.

The international conference, by alternating national and international contribution, seeks to show how, despite expectations for consistent advancement of the market’s digital maturity, one needs to get ready to deal with different levels of implementation of methods and tools.

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17 and 18 October – Allemanda Hall (Pav. 33)

Paid admission

17 October

Session I

Digitalisation and customers


Session II

Digitalisation and Real Estate Development


Session III

Digitalisation and Design


Session IV

Digitalisation and Construction




18 October

Session V

Digitalisation, smartness and company strategies


Session VI

Digitalisation and regulatory impact


Session VII

Digitalisation, implementation levels and political strategies in the sector. Closes with a Round Table with representatives

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