Conferenza Internazionale – Sala Gallery Blu

International Conference – High-level training and information moments with international speakers

Thursday 21st – Friday 22nd November 2019
Gallery Blu Hall

Thursday 21st November

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10.30am – 1.00pm

SESSION I: building SMART International: what are the goals? what does it do? how does it do? and how to participate? are some of the questions that the conference intends to answer with speakers at the top of the organization. Through the presentation of a made in Italy project, recognized as an international best practice, all the usefulness of the results of the work carried out by bS will be demonstrated. The conference will close with an eye to the future, where already major multinationals are investing.

“Open BIM, modeling the future”
Digital ways of working for built asset environment

a cura di IBIMI BuildingSmart e Digital&BIM


10.30am – Welcome and “Opening Speech
Lorenzo Nissim – Conference moderator
Richard Petrie – bS International Chief Executive (online) TBC
Anna Moreno – bS Italia President

10.50am – “bSI Mission and Organisation
Aidan Mercer – bS International Marketing Director

11.10am –  “Standardisation process & current projects
Xenia Fiorentini  – bS Italy Standardization Director

11.30am – Podium discussion

11.50am –“Professional qualification
Mark Baldwin – bS International Professional Qualification Program Manager

12.10pm – “Software Certification” (online)
Prof. Rasso Steinmann– bS International Software Certification Program Manager

12.30pm – “Winner bSI award 2018: O&M category”
Ernesto Minnucci – bS Italy (Studio MinnucciAssociati)

12.50pm – Podium discussion

02.00pm – 05.00pm


The first day of the event will be dedicated to the data structures and models, from the product data templates until the information models, as well as their machine readability, according to the sequenced information requirements (OIR, AIR, PIR, EIR).
This session will be focused upon the common data environments and the digital platforms capable to support the actors and entities which act by means of data models and structures, namely within the Programmes (Multi Projects) and Projects.

*Paid session. Registration is needed. Online ticketing will be available soon. Training credits have been requested.

Digital Platforms, Common Data Environment, Digital Twin: Potential and Risks for the Built Environment Sector
The World of the Data Structures

by UniBs and Digital&BIM

02pm – “Welcome address & opening remarks”
Ilektra Papadaki – Policy Officer for digital construction and sustainable built environment at the European Commission


02.15pm – “The AECO-Sphere: Evolutional Processes and Changeable Identities”
Angelo Ciribini – Università Brescia

02.35pm- “Data Templates, Data Structures, Data Models”
Peter Kompolschek – Austrian Standards

02.55pm – “Common Data Environments”
Volker Krieger – Fact

03.15pm – “Linked Data Concepts for the Asset Management of Transport Infrastructures”
Markus König – Ruhr-Universität Bochum

03.35pm – “Games technology in asset design and management”
Ilka – MAY

03.55pm – “Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions”
Bhuvan K Shetty – Bosch

04.15pm – Podium discussion

04.35pm – Technology Sponsors’ Interventions
04.35pm – “La certificazione degli esperti BIM e dei sistemi di gestione BIM” – Lorenzo Orsenigo, ICMQ
04.50pm – ACCA
05.05pm – TBD

05.35pm – Podium discussion

Friday 22nd November

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09.30am – 12.30pm


The second day will be centred on the management of the built assets throughout the digital twins and the IoT protocols. The session will deal with the platforms provided by the technology companies, enabling the depicted scenario.

*Paid session. Registration is needed. Training credits have been requested.

“Il mondo dei cespiti immobiliari e infrastrutturali cognitivi
– The World of the Living Built Assets

by UniBs and Digital&BIM

9.20am – Welcome address – Day 2

9.30am – “The emergence of the 3rd platform, the platform of platforms that delivers the tow promises of “building better”, and “better buildings”
Alain Waha – Buro Happold

9.50am – “Connected Built Assets”
Paolo Bellagente & Lavinia Tagliabue – Università Brescia

10.10am – “Digital Platforms & Digital Twins”
Paul Surin, IBM

10.30am – “Exploring new Digital Delivery Models: a Pilot project in MIND Milan”
Nicola Colella, AECOM

10.50am – “Common Data Environments for BIM Projects – Central Source of Information, Platform for collaborative Work, Built on open Standards”
Ulrich Hartmann, Oracle

11.10am – SmartItaly Goal
Roberta Pezzetti, SMARTER

11.30am – Podium discussion

11.50am – Technology Sponsors’ Interventions
11.50am – Software BIM dal progetto al retrofit sistemico di edifici residenziali
Flavio Andreatta – ALL PLAN
12.0am – TBD – ACCA
12.20am –  TBD – ShinSoftware
12.35am – Asset Information Management. Tecnologie per la pianificazione e la gestione delle informazioni del modello: dRofus
Paolo Bertini HARPACEAS
12.50am – BIM Strutturale
Adriano Castagnone  STADATA

01.05pm – Podium discussion

02.00am – 05.00pm


We often hear about how the English market is more advanced than the Italian one: is it true? What are the main differences? What can be imported into Italy and what makes us different? The Italians group in Digital Transformation UK for the first time will be in Italy at Digital & BIM to talk about standardization, parametric design, information management, infrastructure maintenance and landscaping. These are apparently different themes, but linked by the modus operandi based on the digitalisation of our sector and on the centrality of the data to optimize the productivity of each actor in the supply chain, including design studios, construction companies and contracting stations.

Italian digital Trasformation vs UK:
the experiences of Italian designers in UK

by Italians in Digital Transformation UK (IDTUk) and Digital&BIM

02.30pm – Welcome

02.35pm – “IDTUK & Livelli di Fabbisogno Informativo”
Ing. Marzia Bolpagni, PhD – IDTUK Founder – Mace

02.55pm – Data Driven Decision and BIM implementation
Ing. Fabrizio Ciardulli – IDTUK Commitee – BIM Specialist BuroHappold Engineering

03.15pm – How can Digital Twin help Asset Management? Some case studies on infrastructural systems
Ing. Luca Granata, Graduate Asset Management Consultant in Jacobs

03.35pm – “ZHA Design Technology Group, Interoperability Tools & London Hackaton Dynamo&Generative Design.” 
Arch. Mauro Sabiu (IDTUK Commitee – Architect Zaha Hadid Architects)

03.55pm – Design and digital modeling of public spaces
Arch. Matteo Orsi, IDTUk – Architect e BIM coordinator in Adamson Associates International

04.10pm – Podium discussion

04.30pm – Technology Sponsors’ Interventions

Technology Partner