Digital&BIM Conference Lab

After the success of the second edition, DIGITAL&BIM Italia is back

The first and only initiative – in Italy – exclusively dedicated to the transformation in the construction industry through digitalisation, technologies and innovation.

Innovation and digitalisation are increasingly changing the face of the industry worldwide, involving the whole supply chain from design to management of the work when used. With different time frames and methods.

DIGITAL&BIM Conference Lab is back, involving all players who in the last twelve months have experimented with, tested and presented new technologies and digital systems for the construction sector.

In 2018 DIGITAL&BIM Conference Lab was part of SAIE with a schedule of events, initiatives and workshops. The aim is to take stock on the issue of “Digital”, to show you and allow you to understand how to use these solutions, letting you try for yourself useful tools, software, devices, virtual reality and platforms for your profession.

DIGITAL&BIM Italia offers events, seminars, technical information and professional training with key personalities in the industry who may also offer a glimpse of what the future might hold. National and International significant cases and examples will be presented giving you the opportunity of high-level education seminars.

If you are interested in digital technologies, how to implement them in your business practices, if you would like to explore the new ways of the future of construction or simply learn how to network, save time and money, then this is the right event for you.

For the 2017 edition, 4.000 professionals have visited Digital&BIM ITALIA. Among those: top manager of public and private companies; public technicians; designers and professionals (engineers, architects, geologists, surveyors and technicians), officials and public and private decision-makers, companies and manufacturing companies, technicians and decision-makers of large real estate properties, private investors

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The 2018 events

The various modes of digital transformation in Construction

Scenarios, models, experiences and differentiated levels for digital adoption in Italy, Europe and the US

International and national contributions in 7 sessions – Scientific Coordination by the University of Brescia

Paid admission
Allemanda Hall – 17 and 18 October

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Advanced digitalisation experiences directly with the key players

Higher education modules with international speakers

Four thematic modules on digital topics by the University of Brescia

Paid admission
Valzer Hall – 17, 18 and 19 October

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Digital workshops on BIM models management 

Introduction to advanced techniques and tools for the management of models and projects in BIM

Three laboratories on the topic of Computational BIM managed by Digital Strategies

Paid and limited admission
Gavotta Hall – 18, 19 and 20 October

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Digitalisation arenas

Arenas for information, training and networking

Companies, Associations and media partners manage seven thematic arenas to give the opportunity to show participants’ best practices. (17-20 October)

Free admission
Pavilions 33, 32, 31 – 17/20 October 2018 

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Digital Experience

The space to understand what digital is used for and how it works

Pav.31 – already digitally surveyed and available – becomes the space where sponsor companies will be able to offer trials to understand what digital is for and how it works to… design renovation projects, perform maintenance, act, design, analyse (over four days: 17-20 October)

Free admission, tests and trials of the technologies by booking
Pavilions 31 – 17/20 October

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Second edition, coordination of the jury by University of Brescia. Patronage by ASSOBIM

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