Bruno Daniotti

Bruno Daniotti

Bruno Daniotti Professore Ordinario al Politecnico di Milano

Full Professor in Politecnico di Milano Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering for the Competition Sector 08/C1 Design and technological planning of architecture - Scientific and Disciplinary Sector ICAR/11 Building production, School of Architectural Engineering.

Master of Science in Physics (1984), Ph. D. in Building Engineering at Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on “Planning and control of buildings’ environmental and technological quality (1995).

Good knowledge of English and French, scholastic knowledge of German.

Thirty years’ experience in different building research fields at national and international level at University (Politecnico di Milano e di Torino, Università degli Studi di Milano), Research Centers as the Institute for Constructions’ Technologies (ITC, ex-ICITE) of National Research Council (C.N.R.) and European Joint Research Centre (Joint Research Centre di Ispra (VA)) ENEA, CSI Montedison, public administrations (Regione Lombardia) International standardization organisations as International Standard Organization (ISO) European Organization for Technical Approval (EOTA) and the Italian Standardization Organisation , Ente Italiano di Normazione (UNI).

In particular the research and the following publications are focused in the following items:

• planning and management of the building process

• assessment and control of different aspects about technological quality: initial quality, during time operative one and maintenance one

• procedures of analysis and evaluation of durability of building components

Chairman for the Italian Standardisation Organization UNI Working Group on “Durability of buildings components”. This group is the liaison to ISO TC 59 SC14 Service Life Planning.

Chairman of CIB W80 Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components

Member of International Scientific Steering Committee of the International Conferences on DBMC “Durability of Building Materials and Components.

Member of Steering Committee of ISTEA Italian Society of Technology, Engineering and Architecture

Member of International Scientific Committee and invited keynote speaker for ISBP “International Symposium on Building Pathology.”

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Building Engineering (Elsevier)

Chairman of the FOCUS Area ICT & Processes In the Italian Construction Technological Platform

Project manager of INNOVANCE research project (MISE Industria 2015) The Italian Construction Data Base

Member of Scientific Committee of Politecnico di Milano Laboratories for Testing of Materials Structures and Constructions and Constructions(LPMSC) with a focus for Durability laboratory

Member of Teaching Committee for the Ph. D. course in Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering

Member of CIB Student Chapter on Prediction of Service Life of Building Materials and Components Student Forum as Student Chapter Commission Representative.

Member of International Scientific Steering Committee of the International Conference MDBP2003 “Management of Durability in the Building Process. Milan 2003

Italian Coordinator in IAI Italy for the European project: STAND-INN: Integration of performance based building standards into business processes using IFC standards to enhance innovation and sustainable development. 2006-2008

Chairman at EOTA (European Organization for Technical Approval) of Working Group on "Self Supporting Light Weight Composite Panels" (2000-2004)

Professor for the Master of Science in Management of Built Environment for the course of “Durability and Maintenance” and “Synthesis Class - Technical and Economic Curriculum”

Professor for the Master of Science in Architectural Engineering for the following courses: “Building Durability”.

He has been teaching “Durability and life cycle of building components” for the master of Science in Building Engineering, “Durability of materials+ maintenance” for the Bachelor in Building Engineering.

He has been teaching assistant for the lab of executive design for the course of Technology of buildings’ elements.

Coordinator and professor for the Master Course on “Management of durability and maintenance in the building process”


He has been teaching for the University Diploma in Building Engineering in Lecco for the following courses: Techniques of production and conservation of building materials” “Informatics Lab of building technology”


Bruno Daniotti Professore Ordinario al Politecnico di Milano


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