Why exhibit?

DIGITAL&BIM Italia is the only Italian exhibition and information initiative devoted exclusively to the transformation of the construction sector through digitalisation, technologies and innovation.

Innovation and digitalisation are changing the face of the industry worldwide and engaging the entire supply chain from design through to management of the building.

“Digitalisation is today one of the main factors driving the large-scale transformation of the sector and has two complementary aspects:
- an opportunity to streamline and improve the efficiency of consolidated processes and to open the way for new professional partnerships
- the gateway through which the sector can step into a digital age with decidedly alternative features.”

Today more than ever before, industry experts are in search of methods and tools for making the sector more efficient, collaborative, profitable and sustainable. This includes highly specialised niches such as classification of seismic risk.

The products and solutions offered by your company can help them do this. And DIGITAL&BIM Italia is the place where professionals will come to find out about it.

DIGITAL&BIM Italia offers its services to companies, partnering with them and demonstrating what digitalisation of the sector is and what it can achieve.

5 reasons to take part in DIGITAL&BIM Italia

n. 1

To engage with, inform and network with professionals who are actively seeking innovative technologies and solutions

n. 2

To help visitors to Digital&BIM Italia understand and implement the new legislative provisions of the Procurement Code and the Italian legislative decree on the safety of buildings at seismic risk

n. 3

Possibility of presenting case studies and best practices in the Arenas or at the International Conference organised by Digital&BIM Italia through various forms of partnership

n. 4

Networking and sharing best business practices with those who already have experience in the field and educate those who are still trying to understand what digitalisation is and why they need it

n. 5

Share your case studies, news, comments and much more through the Digital&BIM Italia BLOG, the new digital community for the built environment


Thursday, 19 October: from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm
Friday, 20 October: from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm


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